Zak Burke

Zak Burke

freelance web application development

I am a full stack web developer based near Rochester, New York. I have more than 20 years of experience building web applications. I use tools such as React, Java, PHP, Perl, jQuery, Oracle, and MySQL. LinkedIn and GitHub have the details.

Even though I love ORM tools, I'm not afraid of raw SQL (my first database used MySQL 3.23, back when there was no GUI, no transactions, and everything ran with autocommit). I love React, PHP, and Perl but know how to use pointers in C. I understand the value of robust well documented frameworks, but I also know the place for a quick and dirty shell script. I use version control and bind variables. I like the command line. My favorite design pattern is generation gap. Though I am color blind and cannot be trusted to design things from scratch, I've taken plenty of Photoshop comps and translated them into responsive web pages using hand-crafted CSS and HTML.

A long time ago, I wrote a thesis.

I am looking for contract, telecommuting opportunies. Please contact me if you are interested.